Computer Tune-Up

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Computer Tune-Up:

On-Site: $129.00
 Online: $49.00

Tech Superhero will: On-Site Online
Diagnose performance issues and provide recommended solutions with estimates.
 Create up to 2 additional computer user account(s).
 Install the latest security updates and configure future updates to install automatically.
 Remove unecessary programs, start-up items, registry entries and temporary files.
 Set your homepage, search provider, and favorite internet browser as default.
 Install FREE Microsoft anti-virus software and configure to scan automatically.*
* PC only. Can be substituted with a different anti-virus program (not included).
 Check Hard Drive for errors and schedule a Disk Defragmentation to ensure optimal hard drive performance and reliability.
 Physically clean your computer by removing dust from the internal fan and components to ensure optimal cooling and performance.