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Computer Set Up (Mac or PC):

On-Site SPECIAL: $129.00 $99.00
 Online: $69.00

Tech Superhero will: On-Site Online
Set up your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and peripherals.
Configure the initial setup process.
Connect your computer to an existing network.
 Confirm your computer is successfully connected to the Internet.
 Create up to 3 computer user account(s).
 Install the latest system and security updates and configure future updates to install automatically.
 Remove unwanted programs and start-up items.
 Set your homepage, search provider, and favorite internet browser as default.
 Establish access to shared folders, drives or printers on the same network.
 Configure access for up to 2 e-mail account(s).
 Install FREE Microsoft anti-virus software and configure to scan automatically.*
* PC only. Can be substituted with a different anti-virus program (not included).
 Install 2 software programs of choice (Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, etc).*
* Valid software license and installer required at time of setup (software not included).
 Provide brief overview and answer questions related to basic functionality.